Enhanced Biocontrol Short Course

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This event was organized and presented by:

Washington State University,
USDA-ARS Wapato, Oregon State University,
and University of California at Berkeley

2-Day Interactive Workshop

Our project held a 2-Day interactive workshop covering concepts such as: general principles of orchard biological control; understanding and solving problems with secondary pest outbreaks; how biocontrol tactics fit with IPM straegies, identification, monitoring and phenology of key natural enemies; and how pesticides effect biocontrol. Participants got the chance to interact directly with experts during open discussions and exercises.The results of surveys conducted during the workshop indicated that participants learned a great deal of useful information.


If you missed the short course you still have a chance to watch select presentations and download the course materials.

Watch Select Presentations

Day 1

Day 2

Download Workbook Materials

Download the Full Workbook (163MB) or
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Although focused on temporate orchrds systems, the information presented in the Short Course is helpful and relevant to most perennial cropping systems.


Investigator Links Useful Links
Vince Jones Jessica Goldberger WSU DAS UCIPM
Elizabeth Beers Dave Horton WSU-TFREC BC Information Ctr.
Jay Brunner Nick Mills USDA-ARS Wapato WSU PMTP
Steve Castagnoli Peter Shearer OSU-MCAREC Orchard Pest Management
Karina Gallardo Tom Unruh ESPM WA Crop Protection Guide